Nominations for all awards below are open to the public. The deadline for all nominations is February 25, 2018. Please direct nominations with materials to VSSA.

For a nomination to be considered by the VSSA Board awards committee, nominators must submit at least one detailed nominating letter (3-5 letters is best) along with the nominee’s CV, contact information (address, email, and telephone), as well as any other relevant materials (publications, websites, online news reportage/coverage of the nominee’s work/success, etc.).

The nominating materials must be received at the email address above by February 25, 2018 to be considered. Please indicate in body of email nomination whether or not the nominee will in fact be able to attend our April 21, 2018 annual meeting at Virginia Commonwealth University (for a nominee to be considered, they must be able to attend the annual meeting. See individual award descriptions for award criteria). Please put “AWARD Nomination” in the email subject heading.

Please direct any questions to VSSA.