VSSA Call for Papers 2018

Call for Papers: 2018 Virginia Social Science Association (VSSA) Annual Conference

 The 2018 VSSA Conference will take place on April 21 at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia

Conference Theme:
Symbolism, Discourse, and Inclusivity: Beyond Rhetoric


The Virginia Social Science Association (VSSA) is Virginia’s most distinguished association of academics.  As a multi-disciplinary organization, we are uniquely positioned to fully accentuate the collaborative aspects of the social sciences.  This is particularly important considering the events of the past year, especially in Virginia where the presence of Confederate monuments has necessitated renewed scrutiny of societal and cultural mores.   We are proud to announce that the theme for our ninety-first annual conference is Symbolism, Discourse, and Inclusivity: Beyond Rhetoric.  We are especially interested in submissions that emphasize the power of symbolism, the importance of discourse, the value of inclusivity, and the collective power of the social sciences to act as vehicles for societal assessment and change.

As always, while we are particularly interested in submissions that address the conference theme, we welcome panel and paper submissions from any social science discipline on any subject.

To be considered for inclusion in the program, please submit a one page panel or paper proposal by 5:00 p.m. on February 12, 2018.

Paper proposals should be submitted to VSSA via:  https://goo.gl/forms/2vnOCJX5xpbNTqf02

Student paper awards:

Faculty members are urged to encourage their graduate and undergraduate students to submit scholarly papers for the “Best Paper” competitions; Best Undergraduate Paper or Best Graduate Paper.  Papers will be considered for an award only if the paper is accepted for the program.  Faculty endorsement is also required for award consideration. The winner of the graduate award will receive $500 and the undergraduate award winner will receive $250. Winners will be announced publicly at the annual meeting and winners will receive their awards at the annual meeting luncheon.  The winner must be present to receive the award.

The requirements for consideration of full papers for student paper awards are:

(1.) Maximum length (text and notes): 25 standard double-spaced pages.

(2.) Submissions for a prize must be endorsed by a faculty member.

(3.) Student submissions must be accompanied by a cover page that supplies all the following information: Name of author, title of paper; college/university, graduate or undergraduate, year in school, major, phone, email, mailing address; name and contact information of the faculty member endorsing the paper.

(4.) Student submissions should be submitted to VSSA via:  https://goo.gl/forms/jJN0ycPrIScJLHSw1

(5.) The winner must be present to receive the award.

Additional Information:

Please direct any questions to: virginiasocialscience@gmail.com

For pre-registration information, please see: http://www.virginiasocialscience.org/events/vssa-conference-2018/

Directions to Virginia Commonwealth University Monroe Park Campus: http://www.maps.vcu.edu/monroepark/directions.html

Virginia Commonwealth University Monroe Park Campus Map: http://www.maps.vcu.edu/