Mario D. Zamora Distinguished Service Award

Originally known as the Distinguished Service Award, the award was renamed in honor of Dr. Mario D. Zamora, who was professor of Anthropology at the College of William and Mary until his untimely death in 1993. Zamora was born in the Philippines and earned his doctorate at Cornell University. In addition to serving on the William and Mary faculty, he was a University Scholar at the University of the Philippines, an Exchange Scholar at the Delhi School of Economics, a Fulbright/Smith Mundt Scholar at Cornell, a Graduate Woodrow Wilson Fellow at Cornell, and one of nine Adlai Stevenson Fellows to the United Nations selected from around the world. He served as President of the Virginia Social Science Association 1986-1987. The Mario D. Zamora Distinguished Service Award is presented to a VSSA member who has contributed to the Association in outstanding ways over a period of years. This award need not, but may be given every year (with a maximum of two such awards in any one year).

Nominee Criteria:

  • Nominee should have demonstrated both quantity (minimum of two years) and quality of service/contributions to the VSSA.
  • Recipients need not, but often will, be past or current VSSA officers or Board members.
  • Nominees must agree to attend the annual spring meeting and awards luncheon.


Presented occasionally to residents of Virginia who have made outstanding contributions to the Virginia Social Science Association. In 1995 this award was named the Mario Zamora Distinguished Service Award.

1963 — William E. Garnett, Professor of Rural Sociology, Retired, Virginia Tech

1964 — Richard L. Morton, Chancellor and Professor Emeritus of History and Government, College of William and Mary

1967 — Hon. Colgate W. Darden, Jr., Governor, Commonwealth of Virginia and President Emeritus, University of Virginia

1969 — Robert D. Meade, Professor of History, Randolph-Macon Woman’s College

1973 — Belle Boone Beard, Professor Emerita of Sociology, Sweet Briar College

1975 — Virginius Dabney, Editor Emeritus, Richmond Times-Dispatch

1977 — John Malcus Ellison, Chancellor and President Emeritus, Virginia Union University

1981 — Albert L. Sturm, Professor Emeritus, Virginia Tech

1982 — Curtis W. Macdonald, Professor, Northern Virginia Community College

1983 — Weldon Cooper, Professor Emeritus, University of Virginia

1984 — George T. Blume, Professor, Virginia Tech

1985 — Barbara B. Knight, Professor, George Mason University

1986 — Annie S. Barnes, Professor, Norfolk State University

1987 — Alice C. Andrews, Professor, George Mason University

1988 — Charles F. Lane, Professor Emeritus, Longwood College

1989 — James F. Herndon, Professor, Virginia Tech

1990 — John Ramsey, Professor, Old Dominion University

1991 — Mario Zamora, Professor, College of William and Mary

1992 — Catherine H. E. Seaman, Professor, Sweet Briar College

1993 — Gregory L. Weiss, Professor, Roanoke College

1994 — Carol Knight, Professor, Tidewater Community College



1995 — Vinson Sutlive, Professor, College of William and Mary

1996 — Peter Wallenstein, Professor, Virginia Tech

1997 — Bernard Levin, Professor, Blue Ridge Community College

1998 — David Wall, Christopher Newport University

1999 — Cecil Bradfield, James Madison University

2000 — Robert Durel, Christopher Newport University

2001 — Mary Ferrari, Radford University

2002 — John Tinkham, Virginia Beach

2003 — James T. Gire, Virginia Military Institute

2004 — Lea Pellet, Christopher Newport University

2007 — Don Zeigler, Old Dominion University

2011 – Shahid Shahidullah, Professor, Elizabeth City State University

2011 – Mary Stegmaier, Assistant Dean, University of Virginia

2012 – Kimberly Kinsler, Professor, Hunter College

2013 – Bruce Vlk, University of Virginia

2014 – Keith Kline, Professor, Virginia Military Institute

2017 – C. Nana Derby, Professor, Virginia State University

2019 – Beverly Colwell Adams, University of Virginia