VSSA Scholar Award

Annual awards, up to three each year (one per discipline), have been made since 1981 in recognition of outstanding scholars in the various social science disciplines who have ties to Virginia. Traditional forms of scholarship such as published books and journal articles are typically very important in the selection process, but other forms of scholarly activity, including the application of research, can be as well.

Nominee Criteria:

  • Impact of scholarship/contribution to discipline, including: quality and impact of publications, strength of nomination letters, quantity of scholarly publications, notable presentations, external grant activity.
  • Recipients need not be members of the VSSA, but they must agree to attend the annual spring meeting and participate in the awards luncheon.
  • At the annual meeting’s plenary session, scholar award recipients will to reflect on their professional career and will be invited to submit a written version of their remarks for publication in the next volume of the Virginia Social Science Journal.

Dr. Beverly Colwell-Adams and Dr. Blue Wooldridge


1981—Catherine Seaman, Sweet Briar College

1982—Norman Barker, The College of William and Mary

1983—Charles Kaut , University of Virginia

1983—Theodore Reinhart, The College of William and Mary

1984—Richard Coughlin, University of Virginia

1985—Mario Zamora, The College of William and Mary

1986—Edward Winter, University of Virginia

1987—Michael B. Barker, State Archeologist

1988—Melinda Wagner, Radford University

1989—Helen Rountree, Old Dominion University

1990—Catherine Slusser, Dept. of Historic Resources—University of Richmond

1991—Jeffery Hanfman, University of Virginia

1992—E. Randolph Turner, Dept. of Historic Resources

1993—John McDaniel, Washington and Lee Univ.

1995—Stephen Plog, University of Virginia

2017—James Jordan, Longwood University

Business Administration

1982 —Otto Brenner, James Madison University

1989—Thomas Bertsch, James Madison University

1990—Daniel M. Spitzer, Bridgewater College

1991—D. Robley Wood, Jr., Virginia Commonwealth University

1992—Neil Harding Snyder, University of Virginia

1993—Robert Sigethy, Marymount University

1994—G. Rodney Thompson, Virginia Tech


1981—Herbert Stein, University of Virginia

1982—James Buchanan, Virginia Tech

1985—Joseph Fisher, Sec. of Human Resources—Virginia Commonwealth University

1986—Paul Kipps, James Madison University

1987—Kenneth Elzinga, University of Virginia

1988—Michael D. Harsh, Randolph-Macon College

1989—Charles B. Pfitzner, Randolph-Macon College

1990—James Angresano, Hampton-Sydney College

1991—Jacques Cremer, Virginia Tech

1992—Robert D. Tollison, George Mason University

1993—George E. Hoffer, Virginia Commonwealth University

1994—Roger Sherman, University of Virginia


1981—James Anderson, U.S. Geological Survey

1982—Charles Lane, Longwood College

1983—Alice Andrews, George Mason University

1984—Marijean Hawthorne, Virginia Commonwealth University

1985—Edgar Bingham, Emory and Henry College

1987—James W. Fonseca, George Mason University

1988—Don Ziegler, Old Dominion University

1989—Charles M. Good, Virginia Tech

1990—Chris Drake, Old Dominion University

1991—Marshall E. Bowen, Mary Washington College

1992—Bonham C. Richardson, Virginia Tech

1993—Joseph S. Wood, George Mason University

1994—Steven K. Pontius, Radford University

1995—Brian W. Blouet, College of William and Mary

1996—Robert W. Morrill, Virginia Tech

1997—Joseph D. Enedy, James Madison University


1981—Charles Sydnor, University of Virginia

1982—Norman Graebner, University of Virginia

1983—William Rachel, Virginia Historical Society

1984—Sarah Hughes, Hampton University

1985—Enno Xraehe, University of Virginia

1986—James Axtell, College of William and Mary

1987—Joseph B. Miller, University of Virginia

1988—Daniel P. Jordan, Director of Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation at Monticello

1989—Melvin Urofsky, Virginia Commonwealth University

1990—John E. Selby, William and Mary

1992—Harry M. Ward, University of Richmond

1993—Young-tsu Wong, Virginia Tech

1994—Edgar A. Toppin, Virginia State University

1995—Paul Finkelman, Virginia Tech

1996—Peter S. Onuf, University of Virginia

Political Science

1981—William Buchanan, Washington and Lee

1982—Henry Abraham, University of Virginia

1984—James Herndon, Virginia Tech

1985 —Nelson Wikstrom, Virginia Commonwealth University

1986 —Wayne Anderson, George Mason University

1987—Arthur B. Gunlicks, University of Richmond

1988—Albert L. Sturm, Virginia Tech

1989—Kenneth Thompson, University of Virginia

1990—Husain Mustafa, Virginia Commonwealth University

1991—Marcia Lynn Whicker, Virginia Commonwealth University

1992—Barbara B. Knight, George Mason University

1993—Harold F. Gortner, George Mason University

1997—Charles T. Goodsell, Virginia Tech

2018—Herbert Hirsch, Virginia Commonwealth University

2019—Blue Wooldridge,  Virginia Commonwealth University


1982—Austin Grigg, University of Virginia

1986—Raymond Kirby, Old Dominion University

1987—John P. Hill, Virginia Commonwealth University

1989—Thomas Leahy, Virginia Commonwealth University

1991—N. Dickon Reppucci, University of Virginia

1992—Joseph Galano, College of William and Mary

1993—James O’Brien, Tidewater Community College


1981—Annie Barnes, Norfolk State University

1982—Gregory Weiss, Roanoke College

1983— John Odum, Medical College of Virginia

1984—Theodore Caplow, University of Virginia

1986—Jeffrey Hadden, University of Virginia

1987—Bradley Hertel, Virginia Tech

1988—Dean Hoge, Catholic University

1989—George Hillary, Virginia Tech

1990—David Bromley, Virginia Commonwealth University

1994—Diana Scully, Virginia Commonwealth University

1995—Edward H. Peeples, Virginia Commonwealth University

1996—Carl Bowman, Bridgewater College